Backlinks are a link from one site pointed directly to another site. Backlinks are a very useful tool and provide a great source of traffic coming and going to any ones site. There are many types of backlinks from high quality backlinks to low quality backlinks. As well as there are different types and variations of building backlinks from placing a link in a article and distributing it across the Internet, to even simply posting a link on a social bookmarking site. The possibilities to build valuable backlinks pointing to your very own website are endless. You could come up with different strategies and overview how to build them online yourself.

First your could submit your website to Directories. Directories are created like a phone book for people to find exactly what they are looking for online by category.

Second you can also check out posting on blogs as a guest. You can also build your own blog to input a backlink on the Internet with material about your website written around it.

Third you could participate in a forum and post a link on any type of post or of course write your own. Forums are of course more difficult to post a link on but are just as valuable as any other link if the backlink still sticks to the site.

Fourth, you can purchase backlinks from a SEO company it does take some money to do so but, doesnt take up as much of your time. Just buy backlinks instead of putting forth the effort of building these Backlinks yourself. Make sure the company you go through is legitimate and does fulfill the SEO your website needs.

Fifth, you can answer questions on Yahoo answers and give the person a link to your site. When the answer to the question is what exactly your site is about there is no stopping the popularity of your good answers which have directly pointed the person asking the question to your domain.

Sixth, you can also go to any site that has an email where you would be able to reach the administration and request that they put a link to your site on their very own. In return you would do the same and have a link on your site pointing to theirs. This strategy is very good method to achieve a high quality backlink.

Seventh you can also ask anyone of your popular friends on facebook, twitter or any social media website to put a link on their page directly pointing others to your very own website. It is a very simple technique to receive a good quality backlink with a high page rank.

 It is important to do research about building backlinks to your domain. You can start right now and the amount of information you will be able to find is completely unlimited . It is also very time consuming but definitely worth the process of doing so in order to get more people coming to your very own site.